November Antique

2 - Overture Song

This was originally written for an orchestra. It and it's overture have full plans for an upcoming album. This version is for you. Thank you for listening. ~molly zenobia
In the street lights my heart starts to fall. So sweetly, please, Do not whisper my name. A call like that is just one in the same... cause a wolf may have heard you A wolf may have seen A wolf have have seen you... holding back, in my eyes an open wound. Had I known what I've seen, such a simple wish... but Had I known what I was I would wish this not on anyone. Concentrate. Concentrate on my life. Concentrate on my mistakes. If anyone shouldn't do what I do again and again. Again, it's not a note to hope on enough to dote on... Whisper my lonely one all the same. Had I been whispering I would have said more truth than I have, how fragile, how fragile For you to be seen.
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