November Antique

3 - Flea Circus

I'm drawn to how many ways people can see one thing. The more complicated it gets (and it always does) the more chaotic. Yet within this chaos everyone is able to grasp something definable and make it beautiful. I could go on for hours around this and not scratch the surface... perhaps you should ask me next time you see me... :) ~molly zenobia
You say... Say a little more ... how smart ... you think you are. Knuckles, knuckles, knuckles, a couple more cakes for the quirks in my "kindness of heart" Were you dripping to start with your only sounds of… Your only as big as a trap door was in my eyes but whose lightning was it ... that you strike down? Hold my hand, you wish you were there Come and die with the old chauffeurs Watch how the world dies with a baby that's born Growing to say which castle is yours You wonder ... were all the bricks laid with your back turned You say, hello, hello, hello crypt keeper; Look, look, look there, there's your arsonist Watering ... Watering plants with your fools, eating out our brains with some spoons Say once more ... how pure you are... Don't go there. don't go there. don't.
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