November Antique

5 - Sky

Sometimes figuring out who you are and what you want can feel like a lonely process. Everyday I have to be willing to look at my actions and words and spin them right back at myself. That kind of honesty is intense, but necessary to keep moving forward. ~molly
There was one white feather I dropped it off. There was noone left to pick up. Blue candles burn white, and you know it's not worth your hurricane. My showers in mud, when you fall you slowly glide, And everything that never felt together evaporated... and you're a cloud. Would you still love the sky, if there wasn't any blue? I look in the mirror, I'm everything I accuse I'm everything wrong. I've no right answers, just dried tears. I was never abused, but by me. I'll never eat again, I see how full I've been I can't stop wearing other peoples shoes. There's enough energy to run forever, but nowhere to go. I never feel at home. There's no warmth in my winter air. Would you still love the sky, if there wasn't any blue?
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