November Antique

6 - Overalls

This was a particular time in my life that could be catalogued by the items that were in so many of of the memories. It covers family, friends, sex, experimenting, and of course... the real thing.
overalls, tennis shoes lots of green stains on your heart strings, strict base, everyone trying to keep up to your p-p-pace. jean shorts, colorful socks, no clean clothes, So would you dance with me? Red stains on your... apple tree, lawn mower. The love I had was a strong one. Whistles, Thistles. Camping by a pine tree, a war tree. So would you dance with me? The cars pulled away, shots fired, a car crash, your desease was spread to me on a cold day, a long day... tennis shoes, overalls, blankets and flashlights. water guns... I have a pocket in my pocket a love for you. overalls tennis shoes kiss me i love you.
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