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Molly Zenobia ProfileMolly Zenobia’s music is soulful, visceral, and vast.  She will reconnect you with something that you’ve forgotten about yourself, calling up instincts and memories long buried by the pressures of life.  She makes you remember, helps you to work through what was, and guides you to the re-embrace of soul and a sense of self.

Zenobia has produced three distinct albums. 'Skin,' features her solo piano accompanied by cello and her once-in-a-generation voice. 'Wind Chains' adds distinctive instrumentation consisting of piano innards, underwater recordings, Irish Whistle, a Mexican mariachi band, tattoo machine, and even a teakettle whistling.  “I don’t really consider anything ‘noise.’ I think all sounds are legitimate, so I’m always either banging on something or listening and cataloging.” Blending seamlessly with her voice, piano, and 4-piece band, each sound adds a layer of flavor that sets this critically acclaimed album apart.  

Molly’s 2008 release, 'November Antique,' is a recording of a powerfully intimate live show she gave in November 2007.  It is unique in that it is unadorned and authentic. It is from the heart.

Profile Photo 2 "Music is so important because it has the power to keep us in the present, something that's become so hard to do in the rest of our lives. A live performance delivers that feeling particularly well.

So frequently, we're on our way somewhere rather than being somewhere. I feel that we lose something by not stripping bare sometimes… letting something stand on its own… letting something be what it is, bumps scratches and all."

'November Antique' is printed using recycled materials to keep in touch with how important sustainability is to Molly. "I'm water-catchment obsessed at the moment. And solar. And electricity. And resources management. An ecologically-minded album was the only way to go for me."

Profile Photo 3 Molly has opened for the Foo Fighters, and played on the same bill with Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Rachel Sage, Edie Carey, Mila Drumke and the Dresden Dolls as well as at numerous festivals around the country.  She is also currently collaborating with Roedelius on an album as well as working on her fourth album with one of the founding members of the Counting Crows, Matt Malley.

Regardless of whether she is playing a large rock club, intimate piano bar, collaborating on experimental improvisations, or scoring a film, Molly's music will leave you sated. "We have so much input these days that we forget that simple is powerful. I may have a lot of production or no production on my albums, but what emerges is always one message, raw, simple, and yours."

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