November Antique

Molly Zenobia

November Antique


November Antique is a recording of a powerfully intimate live acoustic show given November 2007. It is unique in that it is unadorned and authentic. It is from the heart.
It pairs with the thoughtful packaging both in design...

Recorded live with an audience November 11, 2007 on the same piano many of the songs were written on.

All music and lyrics written & arranged by Molly Zenobia*
*Track 8, Hallelujah written by Leonard Cohen.

Engineered by Zenobia*
Co-engineered & recorded by Chris Wesley of Artistic Agenda
*'Sometimes,' was engineered by Chris Wesley

Zenobia's voice was recorded with the MA-200. The piano was recorded with two Mojave omni microphones & two Royers 121's.

Mixed by Mckay Garner at Bounce Inventive Audio.
Additional mixing by John Pfiffner & Matt Lynch.
Mastered at Capitol Records by mastering engineer, Evren Göknar.

Artwork design by Zenobia.
Photographs of Zenobia by Alexia Prichard & Lloyd Gilyard.
All other photographs, sketches, scans & stencil by Zenobia.

The physical album is printed on recycled materials and printed with soy-based inks.

released 01 May 2012


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